file excel not responding terus The document was edited several times in different versions May 21 2020 How to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Sometimes the answer is as simple as restarting the computer . Pertama coba hapus rumusnya dengan nbsp 13 Nov 2019 Cara Memperbaiki Microsoft Excel Yang Not Responding Dengan Mudah masalah dengan upaya mengganti adanya kedaluarsa file dan memperbaiki dan Microsoft Excel Kamu terus saja Not Responding cobalah untuk nbsp 19 Sep 2017 Excel yang kita gunakan terasa agak lambat bekerja. Last time this happened was on an Exce The reason Excel is saying it s not responding is because you may have tried to click on a button or on a cell or tried to scroll or anything else that may trigger an action on the Excel window while the system is still trying to load the entirety of the file. Aug 09 2018 If you have shared a macro enabled workbook with another user and the macros subsequently stopped working it s possible that they accidentally re saved it as an ordinary workbook that can t contain macros. Select OK to delete old Add in. Biasanya hal ini sering terjadi pada file excel yang terdiri dari banyak sheet dan tiap sheet memiliki rumus yang saling nge link. xla file could not be found. The Disk Cleanup utility will close automatically when it is done. C ch x l khi Excel b treo Not responding. First make sure Excel is not running or close it completely. Thanks mady Edited by mady on Nov 27 2012 11 46 AM Hi Saya mggunakan autocad 2017 for mac dan sering not responding apabika untuk membuka file 3D mohon pencerahannya terima kasih Popular Posts 10 Keuntungan menggambar dengan AutoCAD Jan 20 2014 If you check the box for the old Add in Excel will ask if you want to delete this Add in since the associated . Right click the folder you want to create the file in and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder. For this Click on File. If there is any problem occurs in excel mode you can follow the next steps. Just think like this you are working on an important report and suddenly application crashed and you get a message Excel is not responding or Excel has stopped working . I was told to make a Budget table from Excel until the DataWarehouse people can get to it. BSOD Posting Instructions Windows 10 8. I would advise one of 2 possible solutions. 2. Windows 7. Try these steps. Run appdata OK Enter. Then hold the Windows key and press R to run the dialogue box. Excel toolbars Excel. iqy file extension. When I open an excel file that is located on the file server it will freeze excel and quot Not Responding quot will show up on the title bar. Let s look at How to Fix Adobe Reader PDF File Not Responding or Not Opening File . However even the actual file is NOT read only if it is corrupt Excel will still report this error by mistake. Now navigate through the path File Options Add ins. Qlikview is the 64 Bit Version and IE Plugin is the 32 Bit Version. If you do not see the TreeAge Pro Add in it is possible that the Add in installation process failed because some Excel process was running during Add in installation. You can also use the built in OCR tool to convert and edit scanned PDF files. exe file installed locally. Note You can also press Windows R key to open the Run Command window 2. Now you will see Excel starts in fixed mode. Safe Mode forces Excel to bypass All files in any Excel startup folder. Ketika anda mengoprasikan Microsoft Excel dan tiba tiba not responding biasanya apa tindakan anda banyaknya orang bingung dan khawatir akan kejadian not responding tersebut dank arena adanya not responding pekerjaan di Microsoft Excel ini akan terhambat ya kemungkinana hilang datanya. Skip to content In any version of Excel you should carry out the following steps to increase the odds of being able to recover unsaved work Excel 2010 and later As shown in Figure 3 choose File Options Save and then change the Save AutoRecover Information setting to every two minutes down from the default of every ten minutes. Jan 22 2020 When you encountered sudden interruptions like Excel file corrupted Excel file not responding etc. Belakangan ini banyak rekan Operator Sekolah yang dikejutkan dengan file excel yang tidak bisa diedit karena diproteksi. This throws Excel into the non responsive state which might last over 10 seconds or not recover at all forcing you to kill Excel from the task manager. Hello I have this I found here and want it to close down excel as well but its not working and not sure why. Another way would be with using the SAS PC Files Server. The workbook will now appear. Note You can not as such Write change view record or assign macros But You can run macros that were created before you shared the workbook this is important i think. Creating and Using a drop down List in Excel. May 22 2020 Restart Your PC and Install Any Pending Updates. exe s. If Excel does not appear in this list select Browse locate the Excel installation folder select Excel. Excel Lemot dan sering Not responding maap sebelumnya ane bikin trit gk jelas ane lgi ad msalah dgn excel bgini ceritanya ane dpt file berupa excel dari tmen kantor pas ane buka kok lama bner capedes dn pas mau jumlahin pake formula excelnya malah loading bsa 15 mntan capedes yg tau cara ngatasin nya kasih tau dong sorry karna ane blom ISO bagi yg sukses bntu ane ane ksih reward pulsa 10k Jun 16 2020 Select Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program. Jika kita sudah meng enable fitur AutoSave di excel ini dan ingin bereksperimen kita harus membuat copy file nya dulu supaya file asli tidak tertimpa file Auto Save. Admin dari blog Bagi Hal Baik 2019 juga mengumpulkan gambar gambar lainnya terkait cara memperbaiki file excel yang sering not responding dibawah ini. For some reason when opening any Microsoft Office product from the dropbox folder the file explorer locks up and doesn 39 t respond. We have found that the issue is the following DLL file. RAFI Member. Mar 29 2019 Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows R Type regedit. Start Excel in Safe Mode. 1. Check if you have any check mark in any of the compatibility mode options. 2 If your backup is OFF then turn it ON now The excel application scope was working as expected until few minutes back and stopped working when tried running later. . Click on the Search box and then type excel . Excel Formulas are not working not updating amp calculating Quick and Easy fixes October 2 2017 November 21 2017 by Zlatislav When we talk about Microsoft Excel the first things that come to mind are Excel s formulas and functions. They had previously worked but the last few times I 39 ve opened the file I am trying to use the following code to replace all tabs with commas in a text file Const ForReading 1 Const ForWriting 2 Const TristateTrue 1 Set objFSO CreateObject quot Scripting. Error The file may be corrupted located on a server that is not responding or read. How can I resolve this problem and export large size data to excel. If it seems to malfunction or is not responding properly on your right click then you certainly need to seek an expert advice or you can simply try out the solutions aforementioned in the article. Filters do not include cells beyond first blank. If you know the file is from another program which is incompatible with Microsoft Office Excel click Cancel then open this file in its original application. Jun 16 2020 Having Aiseesoft Data Recovery software by the side is the safest option while working on an Excel file so that you never lose your Excel file if Excel stops working unexpectedly. User selects several cells for example a vertical column of 10 cells . During right click also the window explorer not responds so checking the property or associate app is not possible. Of course the windows are consolidated in Windows 7 Go to Start gt Control Panel gt Appearance and Personalization gt Taskbar and Start Menu. Then click on the Open button for opening the Excel XLSM file Click the Enable Content button at the top in the yellow bar for enabling the macros. Setelah dialog tersebut muncul maka anda tidak bisa melakukan apa apa. Right click on Start button and click on Run. So to prevent your excel files from any harm you can recover your corrupted excel files by scanning or analyzer. Select Open. Add ins The Addins dialog box still displays the selected addins but the addins are not loaded. If all these options fail to bring back an Excel file fully or even partially then the only workable solution is to use third party software as an Excel Repair tool. Since none of the above steps fix it I 39 d recommend giving us a quick call. To do this follow the following simple steps Go to stat and choose Control pane. I have a command button tied to this Code 7 lines Anyone have any ideas I would like it to save and close. To solve the File Explorer Not Responding error using this method follow the given steps First of all open the Control panel in your system. Guide to Excel not Responding. xlsx files from Excel then there is no problem at all. Locate to the data type section and check the box of quot Document quot . Tried all sol May 01 2019 The Excel not responding message occurs in several instances. I thought it was a Answered by a verified Microsoft Office Technician jadi not responding terus. However if the error still persists the steps given by my colleague FritzF can do the tricks. Other than that or possibly design tables or some type of OLE object I don 39 t see any reason for Excel to be opening. In your case the issue may be caused by timeout or memory exception. If Excel Open and Repair is not working read on to find out the procedures that you can perform to open corrupted files. Jul 24 2018 Excel 2013 Not Responding 1. If Jul 21 2020 Press and Hold the Ctrl Key to Open Excel in Safe Mode Find the shortcut icon of Microsoft Excel. If this approach doesn 39 t resolve the problem disabling add ins and possibly repairing the program are the best courses of action. 10 Super Neat Ways to Clean Data in Excel Spreadsheets. This will likely solve the Excel not Responding Error. Here is step by step process that you can use to Nov 28 2017 Trik 7 Instal Alat Perbaikan File Word. Now you need to disable all add ins one by one. 10 Excel Data Entry Tips You Can t Afford to Miss. May 29 2013 I suspect that it is because when you change the structure of the spreadsheet as you are doing with the Sort Excel is ADDING conditional formats to adjust to the new structure. From the default programs list select Excel. However my UIPath didn t have any errors but it not save my file. di kantor ane ada user yang excel nya sering not responding kalo mau di save. 23 Apr 2018 cara memecahkan masalah microsoft office excel quot Not Responding quot excel masih bisa berjalan normal saat membuka file excel lainnya . L c b n m file l u file sao ch p d n d li u t m t trang web ho c khi b n nh p d li u v o b ng t nh. Mar 28 2017 Is this a local file or on a network share Is the person opening it the original author or did someone else create it. Solusi Instal kembali Microsoft Office. Select COM Add ins and click Go. You will get the option to automatically Repair Office. Help I give Kudos and click Solved I have a file with Direct Query from the Datawarehouse a Calendar Table I made verified talks to Budget . Apr 30 2020 Some other problems that stops excel from responding are Antivirus. It supports Excel recovery in the Excel editions 2016 2013 2010 2007 and Sep 28 2017 This column is an additional column NOT in the query. Sep 27 2016 When the add ins in Excel is not compatible with the newer version then this might result in Excel crashing. L i n y a Excel v o tr ng th i kh ng ph n h i v n th ng k o d i trong 10 gi y ho c m i m i bu c assalamualaikum permisi gan ane mau tanya. I need help Excel is not responding. May 08 2017 It uses an If statement to check if the file in the loop wb. Well these are some of the common reasons that makes the Excel file slow to respond. Sep 26 2017 Itulah beberapa cara mengatasi laptop not responding yang dapat kamu lakukan secara mandiri. If MS Word is not responding on your Windows 10 8 7 PC when you try to save or open a document you can start to fix the problem by repairing the Microsoft Word application. I tried so many ways but no use. It s very clear from the steps above that recovering any file is made significantly easier when you have iMyFone AnyRecover. Mar 17 2016 When trying to open files and attempting to click on the quot Browse quot function the program hangs for approximately 30 seconds or so until an explorer window opens and I can select my file. Under default programs click set your default programs. Pantau terus DosenIT untuk mendapatkan tips dan trik menarik yang lainnya ya Baca Juga Cara agar laptop tidak lemot As recovery of corrupted excel files allows to avoid the important information. Akan tetapi jika hal tersebut terjadi pada anda jangan gugup karena ada caranya untuk mengatasi hal After you see it disappear then you again look for the One Drive program on your PC and type the Office 365 username and password to re link it and synchronize all the files again. 13 Okt 2016 bagi temen temen yang sedang mengalami Excel 2013 Lambat alias Lemot silakan ikuti langkah dibawah ini 1. Ch ng t i ch h ng d n m t s g i x l t nh tr ng tr n. Then click on Microsoft Office in the list and then click on the Change button at the top. 5 and IIS version 10. Conclusion. Under Recommended Programs select Microsoft Excel. Getting the data You can get HTML row and column data by running a web query. Type excel safe then press Enter . You can see more about the different file types that Excel can save in our completely free Basic Skills E book. xls files that have cells which contain more than 8224 bytes of data. I 39 ve never found a use for that with Excel compound documents. To do that just press Windows X and select Task Manager from the menu. Repair Microsoft Word. Setelah masuk safe mode klik menu File pada pojok kiri jendela nbsp 17 Ags 2020 Beberapa trik simple yang bisa dilakukan jika file excel sangat berat karena file size nya terlalu besar. Apr 29 2020 PDF file creation and conversion by using the specially developed tools users can create PDF files and convert those into Word Excel and other types of documents. Jun 14 2020 Restart Reinstall Backup and Sync Another solution within Backup and Sync is restarting or even reinstalling the app. Hard to say more without the code. Many times in your Windows computer the PDF File Not Responding occurs as soon as the PDF file is not open. PS In ajax the export and printing is working under Win7 . Aug 19 2015 Mas kebetulan saya lagi ada masalah di pengolahan data excel sy file excel sy berat mas dan calculating di excel sy lola tolong dong mas kalo memang mas bisa dalam masalah ini karna pengolahan data sy susah untuk di akses krna lola dan sering not responding mungkin krna data yg trrlalu bnyak dan prmakaiaan rumus yg banyak tapi saya gak tw cara agar form excel sy menjadi enteng trmksih A problem related to Excel Not Responding When Saving can be easily resolved through MS application recovery. Hold the Windows Key and press R to bring up the Run dialog box. So to me it seems to be a problem with windows 7. At over 20. This way you 39 re always getting updated software. Search engine keywords for this question Filter function not working properly in Excel 2007 2010. Head over to Start gt All Programs gt Microsoft Office Tools gt MS Office Application Recovery. This software not only repairs but it also restores Word file with its actual fonts header footer clip art text hyperlinks etc. Apr 18 2018 Resolution Set any printer including Microsoft PDF printer as default excel no longer hangs opening the files. Automatic Solution MS Excel Repair Tool Apr 29 2015 37 ENG VBA Excel Using the DoEvents to avoid the Excel Not Responding effect on lengthy macros Duration 4 26. What you need to do is to check and update Excel to the latest version. The Close method has an optional parameter to SaveChanges. May 24 2019 Restart the explorer. C ch nh k m file trong Excel H ng d n ch n file t p tin trong Excel Jendela jendela file MSL biarkan berserakan didalam layar laptop kemudian masuk kedalam mode sleep hingga tak jarang berlanjut ke mode hibernate. If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files on the File menu make sure that the file has not been renamed moved or deleted. C 92 Program Files 92 Microsoft Office 92 root 92 VFS 92 ProgramFilesX64 92 Microsoft Analysis Services 92 AS OLEDB 92 140 Dear Para Pakar2 Excel yang baik hati Tolong bantu saya punya permasalahan seperti ini Saya punya file xlsm tapi saat file tersebut dibuka ada keterangan seperti gbr dibawah ini Jika dipilih quot No quot maka file tersebut tidak terbuka tapi jika dipilih quot Yes quot file terbuka tapi ada keterangan spt gbr dbwah ini Dan kemudian dengan klik Comman quot Close quot atau ditutup perintah tersebut baru file Right click the file select Open with. Aug 25 2020 But I said Excel based BOMs not old files. If you filter a table and want to paste some data all the way to the bottom of a column it will work much MUCH faster if you sort the spreadsheet along the criteria that you are going to filter it then do the copy and paste. Bukan hanya sekali saja bahkan berkali kali. However if there is no pending update simply select the Restart option. Solution Open Excel from the Windows Start menu Open the Excel options Office 2007 Office Button Excel Options Office 2010 2013 and 2016 File Options Go to Advanced General Make sure that Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange DDE is not checked. jiuk May 05 2018 File explorer is the only viable tool application which helps the user to track down directories and files and folders stored in them accurately. But i have some other Apps on the Access Point which were created with a 32 Bit Version of Qlikview and there the Excel Export and Printing is not working too. this is why I had to do the most recent uninstall reinstall and it worked to resolve the problem. This problem occurs usually when Outlook cannot access the temp file the file is linked to. Oct 02 2009 The file may be corrupted located on a server that is not responding or read only. . Mar 10 2020 Fix 1 Restart File Explorer If you encounter File Explorer search not responding the first thing you can do is restarting your File Explorer. First open the Excel in Safe Mode. This problem file usually causes quot MS Excel workbook name. 1. itu kira kira kenapa ya gan udah ane repair udah ane clean temp nya disk clean up udah ane defrag juga. Resource Pool not responding when saving changes sharer plans responding but very slow Hanloujohn3515 Project 1 10 31 2015 11 59 AM Mobile Me not responding Keygrip Outlook 0 02 18 2015 10 48 PM Error The file may be corrupted located on a server that is not responding or read naeemeh Excel 2 11 20 2011 03 38 AM When opening Aug 06 2017 Excel file not responding. Untuk itu bagi pengguna Windows Xp Windows 7 dan windows 8 dapat menerapkan cara di bawah ini untuk mengatasi program Reasons why your Excel filter may not be working. Scrolling around with the mouse. The printer does not have to be connected for this behavior. V b n h y th t ng t ng xem y l m t file c c k quan tr ng nh ng m i l n m l g p ph i l i kh ch u n y. The document will automatically open in excel and the program will ask you to save the file. We recently migrated this user to a brand new Laptop and he us reporting that while working in several Excel files from our share on our Windows 2012 Server sometimes he can work without issue for some of the day but randomly and frequently while working with any of these open Excel files his Excel will lock up and not respond. If you want to open the files later in Microsoft Office Excel save it in a format that is compatible such as text format. 000 rows and growing it becomes tedious to update the column data with Copy amp Paste . Otherwise click Choose another app and continue to the next step. Close completely out of Excel. Close method MSDN Help Page to close the workbook. Excel yang sudah corrupt disebabkan oleh virus yang menghapus file pendukung bisa menyebabkan muncul Excel Not Responding. Excel not responding may occur because you do not install the latest Windows updates. g. Baru bisa setelah didiamin 1 jaman. Inserting an object in excel increases the source Excel file size. This happens not only in Excel and Word but when attaching files in Outlook and attempting to browse to the location. XLB file next time use. If you are running Windows 7 click Start gt type Excel safe in Search programs and files then click OK. Clear all the check boxes in the list and click OK. yang ditandai dengan pesan kesalahan pada microsoft excel. xlb The original installation default toolbar settings are used. Apr 22 2011 Saya yakin juragan juragan yang mengalami masalah Windows Explorer Not Responding jika di Klik Kanan pada Windows 7 mingkin bingung jadi cara dibawah ini saya buat singkat saja. If you do not want to make your Excel file heavy you can use Link to file option however as discussed earlier Link to file option only works if you are using the same device where the linked source file is stored and the source file s location path is not changed. Padahal udah update patch KB3036140 yang katanya ada perbaikan. Choose recent workbooks. For instance if I make a very simple spreadsheet such as A1 type in 10 A2 type in A1 calculated A2 to be 10 B1 type in 5 Sep 16 2020 If you have not saved the Excel file in time when encountering a sudden Excel system crash careless operation or a power failure do not worry you can recover unsaved Excel file from Excel Document Recovery Temporary File and AutoRecover. Remove all conditional formats Click on Conditional Formats and then quot Clear Rules quot . i cant do anything in this Jan 10 2020 1 Check the hard drive where you want to recover Excel file is ON Go to quot Control Panel quot gt quot System and Security quot gt quot System quot gt quot System protection quot gt Check the drives where you saved over an Excel file is ON or OFF under the option of Protection. This first line is considered an instruction and not shown in your Excel sheet. But you may discover that it is infeasible to open the temp file directly. Click Start. Pada tampilan di task pane file file tersebut akan berembel embel tulisan dalam kurung Orginal version 1 repaired not repaired. exe file location. Aug 26 2013 Saya coba unhide Kolom terpakai terakhir di Sheet data siswa ada ketemu ginian Cell nya berisi Kemudian di baris 600 kebawah sampai akhir juga ada datanya saya coba pindah kan yang itu ke sebuah sheet baru pas mau ngapus row langsung not responding cek memory usage ternyata menduduki peringkat teratas dengan penggunaan RAM 1 24 Gb wow Setelah ditungguin sampai habis rokok 234 sebatang I have Office 365. On Windows for Excel 2013 and 2016 Step 1 Open Excel app on your computer. Belum lagi file nbsp Excel not responding secara tiba tiba apa yang harus di lakukan untuk dengan upaya mengganti adanya kadaluarsa file dan mengatasi akibat kerentanan. If you 39 re depending on MS Office I suggest creating a Office 365 subscription. Jika Anda Apr 23 2019 Excel file not responding I just pasted a formula in my excel file which contains over 23 MB of information and suddenly the screen went white and the file is not responding. It 39 s taking about half an hour just to save a file. Again click on Excel in the elevated search results to open Microsoft Excel on your computer. Setelah di koreksi ukurannya ternyata tidak sampai 0 5 MB 500kb . How to Recover Unsaved Excel Files. User opens a spreadsheet for example XLSX file . My application is deployed in IIS 10. Buka excel Klik File dan cari nbsp 10 Nov 2018 masih Not Responding File Explorernya sebel tidak kalau gini terus Cari cari penyelesian di google memang cukup trend kata kunci file nbsp 25 Mar 2018 Anda membuka beberapa file excel yang dimana didalam beberapa Beberapa langkah yang dapat dilakukan saat pop up excel not working 30 Ags 2018 Dia tanya kenapa mau simpan file excel baik melalui shortcut Ctrl S gimana. Lebih parah lagi saat ingin print file excel tersebut. Here are some tips. To find it press and type excel gt right click on the highlighted application and select Open file location. Bagaikan manusia yang terus berfikir bahkan berfikir dalam tidurnya seluruh sistem dalam laptop terus aktif sehingga berefek pada umur komponen laptop. Takes up to 20 sec to get back to normal operation. Scroll down and press the recover unsaved workbooks icon at the bottom of the list. follow the ways to do so Follow the ways to do so Select File gt Options gt Add ins. Note this only happens with files saved on the file server Then after about 10 minutes the program will operate normally. All available add ins in that program will be displayed. My application is hang and not responding When I try to export 70 MB data to Excel from My application in IE 11. Dec 03 2019 Generally the Excel cannot open the data file error message can be resolved by restarting the computer. M y ch y nhi u ch ng tr nh khi n b treo file Excel. To resolve this problem try the following steps. Thread starter RAFI Start date Aug 6 2017 R. xlsm Files In Excel 2016 Macros Not Loading working Article ID 9998 Note Please bookmark the page by pressing Ctrl D in case the resolution steps require you to restart your system. This was replicated on another computer added the driver let windows manage the default printer rather than setting one open file excel hangs. Sering hang untuk Excel 2013 padahal kalau pake Excel 2010 untuk file yang sama lancar jaya. web gt . When the Excel window opens up click on File in the menu bar. Hal ini karena tidak selalu praktis jika mengaktifkan fitur ini. Th ng b o Excel not responding xu t hi n trong nhi u tr ng h p. Select Microsoft Excel Worksheet then select change program. Jul 12 2012 2. 5MB to 2. To fix Excel not responding error user can check to add ins start Excel in safe mode. Name is NOT lt gt the file that contains the code ThisWorkbook. May 18 2015 In the Disk Cleanup for OS dialog box choose the checkboxes for the file types you want to delete. well. So disable the COM add ins in Safe Mode. May 29 2011 Excel quot Not Responding quot Please excuse my ignorance however I desperately need some help to figure out why my MS Office Excel 2010 on Windows 7 Business 32 bit keeps randomly quot Not Responding quot whenever I do some of the following Open a document insert a row copy a sheet etc Mar 13 2019 This happens on any excel document. Sep 11 2020 Hi right now I m working on excel files but the excel s size is very big and it make my excel file not responding frowning . In one Excel file which has several worksheets one of the worksheets alsways the same one will suddenly not respond to the keyboard. EXCEL Excel tidak memiliki fitur AutoSave secara default kita harus menambahkan sendiri fitur ini. In this case you can restore your files with some free tools. But often they aren 39 t effective. It is only from the dropbox folder. Try turning off File Preview in Explorer Are you opening it by just selecting the file in Windows Explorer or have you also tried opening Excel and then opening the file that way I just purchased a new computer with Windows 10 Pro. This software helps you recover unsaved Excel from crashing corruption not working etc. Jun 10 2008 Recently an Excel file I was able to open with no problems before has been giving issues. Hal ini pun membuat penulis kesal karena ini akan membuang waktu kita saat bekerja. exe safe and click on OK to start Microsoft Excel in Safe Mode. Folder Microsoft. Did you guys know that Sep 18 2020 Excel file is not in a recognizable format may also appear if the file is from some other program that is not compatible with MS Excel. Meanwhile you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to retrieve the deleted Excel file in three steps. Typing and switching to another cell All above turns to the excel program not responding. xls 39 could not be found. Reasons Excel cannot open a file. Balas Hapus. In the registry editor click File from the toolbar and then click Go to the location where you have stored the backup file left click the file and then click Open or simply double click the file. exe s then press ENTER. clear the file from disabled status File options add ins manage go etc Aug 03 2017 I 39 m having trouble running formulas in Excel. 3. 1 8 7 Vista Driver Reference Table DRT Browse the list of folders to locate and select the lost Excel files. Anda tidak perlu melakukannya secara manual karena microsoft sendiri sebenarnya menawarkan program untuk itu dengan nama Easy Fix . After that click on the File option. Press the Yes button when a window pops up saying Excel has detected that you are holding down the CTRL key. 3 Mar 2020 Jika anda mengalami not responding dengan terus menerus pada laptop not responding karena pembaruan secara rutin bisa merubah file nbsp Jika menonaktifkan add in tidak memecahkan masalah Anda teruskan ke item berikutnya dalam daftar. User right clicks on a different cell and tries to click quot paste quot . Apr 26 2019 Inilah pembahasan selengkapnya mengenai cara memperbaiki file excel yang sering not responding. xlsx files . Basically two things can happen here One you might want to say something loudly I refrain from using that word . Mar 11 2010 Add an extra line to your CSV file to tell Excel what the separator is. Uninstall and Reinstall Office. So you have to use the Proc IMPORT way of accessing the data. Check to see if your antivirus software is up to date or conflicting with Excel. Menyelidiki detail dan konten file Excel. So to avoid all this hassle we have written this in depth article covering most of the reasons for excel formulas not working. Please check that the file exists and is in the correct format. Feb 09 2015 Tolongin dong ini windows 10 TP build 9926 ku kalau buka FIle Explorer kok selalu not responding ya. select blank sheet from file 3. When an Excel XLS or XLSX file is corrupt and Microsoft Excel cannot recognize it the Excel may report this error. Jul 14 2020 Now before we launch Excel in safe mode we need to know excel. . Is this due to some security patch of excel Expected Behavior The excel application activity should go through as expected. For instance i can advise you Recovery Toolbox for Excel Open the Power Pivot window and click the From Other Sources command button on the Home tab. It is now even freezing up when I save the workbook especially if I have done some work on the page. Here s how to do so Open Windows Search click on it or use the Win S shortcut begin typing File Explorer Options and click on the entry named as such when it comes up. not responding and stays that way forever. Excel users are reporting an odd bug in the way Excel 2010 and 2013 behave. Use tables sparklines and formatting to better understand your data. Saya jadi meras terbantu dengan artikel agan ini karena meringankan tugas saat pengetikan kalau kebetulan ada tugas. May 14 2019 When File Explorer gets stuck in a Not Responding state making it start in a new process every time you open a new Windows folder can resolve the issue. You May Also Like the Following Excel Links 24 Excel Tricks to Make You Sail through Day to day work. If you are not able to open it yourself then you can go the search panel search for Control Panel there and open it. Metode 3 Install Update Terakhir Microsoft Office Jika kedua cara diatas masih gagal juga cara ketiga adalah dengan menginstall update terakhir Microsoft Office Latest Updates . If you do not see the Excel in the list click More apps and follow Steps 3 and 4. e. It 39 s working fine with other date calcs BUT Budget YTD You can also reset the Excel file associations to its default settings in a bid to resolve the Excel not opening issues. Try to open the excel file in safe mode and then disable this add in. Untuk mengatasi hal ini maka anda harus menutup file excel tersebut dengan cara Klik Kanan pada Taskbar gt Pilih START TASK MANAGER. In the control panel click on programs then default programs. Nah untuk menghilangkan automatic calculation ini. Manual method Reference In this guide we re providing you with the solutions to this very problem. Slow on opening the document. net framework 4. If you are finding that your file is starting to become very slow at responding i. setelah sobat mengetahui atau sudah membaca Penyebab Microsoft Office Excel Not Responding maka sekarang mempelajari bagaimana cara mudah mengatasi masalah pada microsoft office excel not responding terus. The SAS University Edition runs on Linux. Here is my code. After that I locate this shortcut in the Start Menu right click on it and select Pin to Start. Yang ane alamin Ane buka file kerja ukuran sekitar 1 4MB isi 4 sheet mengandung rumus termasuk saling quot Link quot . Aug 04 2011 Y ang dimaksud not responding di sini adalah kejadian hang pada saat kita membuka kotak dialog save as atau open pada sebuah aplikasi bisa Ms. Jan 16 2019 Add ins can be the reason behind the Microsoft Excel is not responding error in Excel 2016. If you see Excel listed select it now. semoga tambah sukses ya. 8 Sep 2020 Artikel kali ini menjelaskan Cara Mengatasi Excel Not Responding saat 1. Solved Word Not Responding on Windows 10 In case your Word is not responding in Windows 10 we have proper solutions for you. awal nya ane curiga not responding karna itu file nya ada di server sharing tapi pas ane copy ke local laptop nya masih sama aja gan Aug 20 2020 C 92 filename. probably all your files are really corrupted. Key Features of This Excel to PDF Converter It does not limit you on the size or number of files to be converted. Jun 16 2020 Excel AutoRecover not Working Repair Excel File 2007 and Restore Unsaved Excel Worksheet Data with Stellar Repair for Excel. Access the Repair Tool Access encounters Import Export errors when working with Excel . Dec 11 2012 Computer akan hang beberapa menit dan ms. Ikuti langkah langkah yang diberikan di bawah ini Download dan instal Word File Repair Tool dari link ini Dec 19 2017 Karena satu dan lain hal terkadang ada kalanya Windows Explorer mengalami crash atau not responding. Filter not showing all data in a column Bayangkan file excel yang isinya cuma form form ukurannya mencapai 66 MB dan untuk membuka file tersebut sangat lama. Optical Character Recognition Adobe PDF tools etc not discussed on this page can be used for capturing data from pictures and PDF files. In the past XLS files produced by various packages including Salesforce could be opened by double clicking on them How To Problems Opening . iii. Press and hold the Ctrl Then double click on the shortcut to continue. Re Macro not working properly when the file is shared. Explorer would open click on the address bar and copy the path. xls Compatibility Mode Not responding and a blank screen apart from the task bar and this Excel message on a single line across the top of the screen. Word Excel dan lain lain . First Update the version of your Excel file and then scan pc for any viruses. Sometimes it 39 s benign but sometimes it 39 s a sign of a deeper issue. Here we will discuss why do our excel file freezes amp top tips to resolve Excel Not Responding error How to Fix Microsoft Word Is Not Responding Error in Windows 10 8 7 Hindi Urdu In Windows 10 How to Fix Microsoft Word Is Not Responding Error in Windows How Aug 26 2019 We can save the file s but can not click in and cells or use most of the ribbon. This also affects opening files on double click. Right click the . Now try opening the particular Non responsive Excel File again. I 39 ve got an Excel 2010 file with a bunch of ActiveX controls like VBA buttons and text boxes but none of them are responding. Jun 27 2020 In such cases if users face Excel file corruption they get stuck with no idea how to fix the Excel file. One way to fix the error is to restart your PC and select Restart and Install Pending Updates . 1 Cara Mudah Mengatasi Masalah Pada Microsoft Excel Not Responding Terus Kamu juga tahu bahwa saat muncul pesan ini bisa saja file yang nbsp Excel Lemot dan sering Not responding maap sebelumnya ane bikin trit gk jelas ane lgi ad msalah dgn excel bgini ceritanya ane dpt file nbsp Penyebab Microsoft Word not responding biasanya karena ada add ins yang Klik menu File yang berada di paling ujung kiri layar laptop Cari dan klik Options Setelah itu bisa coba buka program Office entah itu Word atau Excel. Files will then behave as expected for 30 60 minutes then same CPU problem again. 5. When you click OK on the error message the message reappears. We work from a central server and other users have no problem opening the same file. Now this shortcut its appear in the start . terus nemu situs ini dan setelah dipraktikan sekarang excel nbsp 30 Sep 2020 Tip If you are experiencing Excel not responding problem with a particular Excel file it 39 s quite possible that the file is corrupt or partially nbsp 25 Des 2012 Terima kasih sebelumnya dan do 39 a kan agar kami dapat terus Pada kondisi normal karena suatu hal excel anda hang not responding atau error Document Recovery muncul kembali jika anda bertemu kondisi not nbsp 12 Th ng Ch n 2016 Excel b treo v i l i quot Not responding quot l m t l i kh ph bi n v ch c h n ai c ng m t l n g p ph i l i kh ch u n y khi m m t file Excel ph i nbsp . Open the Table Import Wizard and select Excel File. XLSX files. A web query is a text file saved with a . . Using the AutoRecover feature to recover unsaved excel file does not always retrieve the entire document. Demikian beberapa solusi cara mengatasi Excel Not Responding. Adakalah lebih baik instal versi terbaru dari Microsoft Office. If Excel opens with the above steps it is likely that a plugin or other software is installed that is interfering with the Mar 11 2009 I deal with the not responding issue a lot. Jendela jendela file MSL biarkan berserakan didalam layar laptop kemudian masuk kedalam mode sleep hingga tak jarang berlanjut ke mode hibernate. give me some suggestions regarding to solve this issue. Right click on the Taskbar and I am trying to do a very simple copy and paste of a simple formula in Excel 2007 and nothing seems to be working. Go to Tools gt Macro gt Security and set the security level to Medium. Feb 24 2019 To add a excel file to the start menu I first create a shortcut from this excel file in the following Hidden folder C 92 Users 92 username 92 AppData 92 Roaming 92 Microsoft 92 Windows 92 Start Menu 92 Programs . Nov 29 2018 How to recover Excel files when Excel not responding Step 1 Check for excel files recoverable Install Data Recovery on your computer and launch it. When I close any excel file then even though Excel file closes fine but the Excel itself gets hung giving message of 39 Not Responding 39 please see first screen shot below . Kejadiannya adalah pada saat kita klik lokasi penyimpanan file save in maka program yang bersangkutan langsung hang. If Windows is still responsive the easiest way to restart the explorer. The file is opening. com akan memberikan cara Mengatasi Ms Office Excel tidak bisa di Print dimana masalah ini bisa dikatakan masalah yang serius karena dapat menggangu kinerja kita saat nge print File Dokumen pada Ms Office Excel akibat Printer tidak terdeteksi di excel. Jun 30 2019 Cara Mengatasi Excel Not Responding Suka sebel deh ketika menggunkan aplikasi Microsoft Excel terus Not Responding apa lagi kejaannya belum di simpan aduh pusing bener harus mulai dari awal lagi. 3MB in another it went from 9. XLB files stopped at the 14 version. Sometimes the Adobe software gets corrupted in your system so many problems arise. 4. From my documents folder or desktop the files open with no issue. Nov 10 2018 Terimakasih kembali awalnya saya juga mengalami hal yang sama yaitu file explorer windows 10 not responding saya cari di google menemukan cara yang singkat ini terus saya praktekkan dan saya tulis di blog agar mudah mencari lagi cara atasi file explorer not responding tersebut. exe and click on Properties and then click on Compatibility tab. Name. Cause I am using Windows 7 Ultimate Office 365 SharePoint Online Office 2016 Excel . Figure 1 Reset Files. Jul 02 2018 4. Maka untuk mengatasi masalah ini adalah dengan mengurangi file nbsp 22 Jan 2020 9 Cara Mengatasi Excel Not Responding Terbukti Berhasil This stop working solution is right click on file then open with wordpad then file w. Nah pada kesempatan ini saya akan sharekan cara mengatasi microsoft excel not responding jadi simpak sampai selesai ya. With the merge tool users can easily combine two or more documents up to 300 while the split tool will allow the users to create more documents from a single one. The feature is designed to save your work progress at the set interval. Sep 26 2016 I have a password protected sheet in a Excel 2013 workbook that someone has manged to work out the original password and change that the following script does not work in Sub PasswordBreaker 39 Breaks worksheet password protection. Another issue arises with Office 365 as there is not longer an actual Excel. Excel not filtering all entries. If you use the most recent version it seems to create issues. Here click on the Add ins. It is not impossible. Users started to see this behavior this week and is now happening multiple times per day. SharePoint 2013 Server is not responding no connectivity to server issue when opening Excel files after removing support for TLS1. If you will be in the same situation after this. Excel how to filter properly. Re Excel and word not opening documents any more Jump to solution your file association is messed go to control panel and then click add and remove programs click on office and hit uninstall then chose option to repair it will restore the association hope this help if it dose please click on accept answer so this thread close out Pondog you don 39 t need the COMPOUND declaration. Every time I copy paste or anything that requires an action my excel goes into not responding mode for 20 to 30 seconds. Excel not filtering the entire column. Excel program is in use by another process. May 29 2017 1. Trik lain yang bagus untuk memecahkan masalah bug MS Word Not Responding adalah dengan menginstal Alat Perbaikan File Word. You could be opening a file trying to save a file copy pasting data from a web page or when typing into the workbook or worksheet. Outdated office program may also make the Excel file slow. Thanks. config file. Cara mengatasi program yang selalu not responding ketika sedang mengerjaakan tugas Ms word Ms exel atau tugas lainya tiba tiba muncul pemberitahuan pada laptop komputer quot program not responding quot ini pasti membuat anda kesal. Click the Backup and Sync cloud icon in the notification area then click the menu icon once it s open and select Quit Backup and Sync. Here in this article we have dealt with the issues of Excel file not responding properly in various Excel 206 2010 2007 versions While saving them in the system. Since you are using XLSX and not EXL2K your hold statements should look like this assuming your template contains a macro. Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the file location is correct. Sep 22 2018 In this file we can store both text and images. No other workbooks are giving me this problem. Click OK. exe in the box and press Enter or click ok. Nov 29 2016 My excel files all suddenly won 39 t load. Semoga cara cara tersebut dapat membantumu mengatasi masalah laptop not responding yang saat ini sering kamu alami. Add the following code if HttpRuntime parameter isn 39 t exist lt system. A Microsoft Excel Word or PowerPoint file does not open because of incorrect file User launches Excel. s a file excel b l i not responding. Apabila nbsp 5 Nov 2018 Dimana ms Offoce Excel 7 masih kompatible dengan Windows 7 dan 8. The Excel session seems to hang pause . To recover the selected files click Recover and choose a suitable folder which isn t where the original file is stored. Pekerjaan yang seharusnya dapat diselesaikan segera akan tertentuda. In the pop up windows find and select Windows Explorer process and click Restart button. While working with Excel you may see the message Excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid. Reference Microsoft Support How to troubleshoot crashing and not responding issues with Excel Feb 13 2020 Not Responding is Windows 39 way of telling you that a program might have a problem. Now you need to click on Options. Waktu isi file data angka merubah nama setelah di ENTER langsung not responding Terus begitu berulang ulang Kan menyebalkan Excel Sudah Tidak Sempurna. Ketika File Explorer mogok atau macet pada Windows 10 ini adalah masalah besar terutama karena File Explorer memiliki hampir semua data yang selalu diakses oleh pengguna. If I tries to open the file from windows explorer then only the problem coming. It then uses the Workbooks. Waiting doesn 39 t solve the problem. Microsoft recovery excel is designed for effective data recovery from corrupted Microsoft excel sheet. Excel based BOMs can still be created they 39 re just not as good to use in most situations as the regular SW native BOM. assalamualaikum permisi gan ane mau tanya. Document Recovery masih tersimpan jika anda menutup task pane tanpa memperlakukan file file dengan save kembali dengan nama file aslinya atau save as ke nama baru. Since you 39 re using 7 years old software you should either not update the underlying OS without knowing what this will do and live with the consequences of potentially insecure software be prepared to pay for up to date software or simply use Apple 39 s offering of Sep 30 2019 Aside from this you can also convert your PDF documents to Word Excel PPT and other file formats. I have written a lot of code in VBA and right now I can 39 t even open VBE. Import Error The wizard is unable to access information in the file 39 lt filename gt 39 . Folder Excel. XLS or . Change Default Printer by assigning Microsoft XPS Document Writer as default printer. How to fix not responding Word file Yodot DOC Repair tool uniquely designed to repair and recover the corrupt or inaccessible Word file by extracting its contents and rebuilding a new healthy Word file. Sep 22 2020 If you face issues while working in an Excel file you can choose to return to the last saved version of the Excel file. Apr 07 2017 Comment and share How to configure an Excel file for use in Power BI By Mark Kaelin Mark W. Also your template file has to be in the path we put ours in baseapp since baseapp is always in the path. Aug 21 2020 Disabling the protected view settings from Excel options will solve this issue for your computer. Excel Is In Break Mode This state occurs when another Macro is already running and either there is some error in the running macro or a break point is set for debugging. Jul 30 2016 I found this to be of significant benefit Rename the Original File Create a new Excel File Copy the Contents of the Renamed Original File then Paste as Values not a the usual Control V the Copied Data into the new File. We have also had this problem when using 64 bit Excel. This opens the Table Import Wizard dialog box shown here. May 31 2017 Baiklah sobat setia Jalan Merdeka. Add the following line to the top of your CSV file sep This will tell Excel to use the quot quot character as separator for the next lines. Oct 12 2018 When I open on my desktop computer an Excel file I have created on my laptop if the file contains links to another file in the same dropbox different folders within the root Dropbox folder the links don 39 t work even though both files are on the same Dropbox where I am the only user. It takes a very long time to load and flashes quot not responding quot many times during load. Below are the steps Step 1. While using just one worksheet the issue I 39 m having is I get the message 39 Calculating 4 Processor s 0 . Jan 04 2012 C 92 Program Files 92 Microsoft Office 92 Office 92 Excel. File Excel bisa nbsp Langkahnya masih sama dengan diatas no 4 yaitu masuk excel ke safe mode terlebih dahulu. awal nya ane curiga not responding karna itu file nya ada di server sharing tapi pas ane copy ke local laptop nya masih sama aja gan Apr 26 2017 Pada kesempatan kali ini admin Jalan merdeka. Howver noticed that I am able to export the max 20 mb data to excel in same application in IE 11. If the user tries to click anything they will see the cursor as an 39 hourglass 39 the sheet turns white and the words 39 Not Responding 39 will appear at the top. To troubleshooting timeout issue please try to increase httpRuntime in web. Mayoritas orang akan melakukan restart PC secara keseluruhan saat Windows Explorer crash not responding tetapi sebenarnya kamu tidak harus melakukannya. This is due to the fact that the EXCEL libname engine is only supported on the Windows operating system. The error information is misleading since it says the file cannot be accessed because it is read only. you can get back your Excel Windows 10 8 7 XP through temp files. 3MB to 5. Once the Control Panel opens find the Search Bar present in it. Its been like this for the last fifteen minutes. In one of my Files the File Size went from 14. Jul 19 2005 The file will open but as soon as it does it freezes egg timer thingy and after a minute or so I get the replt excel not responding I have run a virus check cleared all my cookies and completed a system restore all of which did not work. Nov 01 2018 Microsoft Office Excel adalah salah satu software yang paling sering digunakan untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan terutama yang berhubungan dengan angka dan perhitungan sebab software ini memiliki banyak rumusan formula untuk membantu Anda menyelesaikan berbagai perhitungan rumit dalam sekali tekan. But if you insist to use Google Chrome to open the Excel file you will need to use the Edit in Browser feature or try the next solution. Excel b treo v i l i Not responding l m t l i kh ph bi n v ch c h n ai c ng m t l n g p ph i l i kh ch u n y khi m m t file Excel. When you see a dialog box that prompts you whether to permanently delete the files click Delete Files. Dec 31 2008 Look for a file in the same folder beginning with a quot quot it is a temp file and may contain some part of the file you are working on now. click on the excel icon to start excel with no code loaded 2. tapi masih sering not responding. If I go to another worksheet in the file and type the keyboard works and it then works on the worksheet that was not responding. 0. If you unplug the network connection there is no problems with excel hanging. We can set this to True to save changes and False to close without saving. Sep 02 2019 So if your Google Chrome won t open Excel file you can use Microsoft chromium based Edge or Internet Explorer to read and edit the Excel file in the native application. May 22 2019 Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding on Mac Microsoft Word Not Responding When Opening or Saving a Document Windows 1. tp kursor nyentuh icon folder aja langsung kembali not responding. 2361232 BEx Analyzer toolbar not responding Office has detected a problem with this file. 1 Ask Question Asked 1 year 8 months ago The file is not in a recognizable format. Nov 07 2016 XLB files allow for the transfer of customization information between computers and users. If the issue is resolved click File gt Options gt Add ins. Apabila panduan diatas belum juga membuahkan hasil dan Anda terus mengalami not responding pada Excel cobalah untuk mencopot pemasangannya dan instal kembali dari awal. Trong thao t c h ng ng y s c tr ng h p b n b l i Not responding c r t nhi u nguy n nh n. Please make sure to learn the steps and read the article carefully so that you can fix the problem on your own. Closing out of Excel and reopen of same files fixes CPU use reboot not needed . But only for awhile and then it happens again. xlb or lt username gt . An Excel Recovery Software automatically repairs the corrupt Excel file and restores all the data charts and worksheets to a new Excel file. Pending Windows updates could also cause Windows 10 file explorer not responding error. On the Run command window type excel. I have checked the file path and given Everyone full control of the file. Nov 13 2019 Apabila cara yang di atas belum juga memperbaiki masalah dan Microsoft Excel Kamu terus saja Not Responding cobalah untuk mencopot pemasangannya dan pasang kembali dari awal. Kamu tidak harus melakukannya secara manual karna Microsoft Excel sendiri sebetulnya menawarkan program untuk itu yang bernama quot Easy Fix quot . If Excel freezes in every file. Masalah ini bukan hanya terjadi Windows 10 namun juga terjadi pada Windows 7 dan Windows 8. So I wrote the macro to automate it. Ini berulang terus sampai gak bisa buka file penting. the 39 whirly wheel 39 is displayed for more than a few seconds every time you update your file check that you only selected the table area before you applied Filter not entire rows entire columns or the entire worksheet. This may occur for the following reasons The document is damaged or incompatible with the current version of Excel. Mar 02 2012 Why do I continue to get a quot not responding quot message when I try to open any file created in Office Excel Answered by a verified Microsoft Office Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If you come across this problem again there is no need to move or delete your Excel files just consign the . 6. exe then select Excel. iv. Beberapa pengguna telah mengalami masalah bahwa Windows File Explorer bisa terbuka. exe process is through the Task Manager. Double click on the name of the workbook the one that at is open in your Excel Click Yes to reopen it. Sebelumnya saya minta maaf kalo cara ini tidak bisa diterapkan di computer juragan juragan sekalian namun saya telah membuktikannya sendiri dan 100 berhasil. Export Error External table is not in the expected format. If I open the Excel and open the . You can follow the below steps to remove the add ins. XLB file to the bin Excel will create a new clean . excel akan not responding juga beberapa menit jika automatic calculation itu terus berjalan pada worksheet yang penuh dengan rumus2 dan data yang banyak. Jun 03 2018 My file is really slow to refresh. I 39 ve set the Calculation Option to Manual within Excel yet it doesn 39 t make a difference. Jul 10 2020 Hi dileep Sanker dileep Sanker I have a ASP. Friccion Mental Make Large Excel Files Smaller and Open Faster with . Right click on Excel. Mengatasi Microsoft Excel has stopped working Saat membuka microsoft office excel tiba tiba muncul peringatan quot Microsoft Excel has stopped working quot dan celakanya hanya ada opsi Close the program sebagai pilihan terakhir walaupun sudah dibuka beberapa kali peringatan tetap terus muncul kembali. MS. More reliable is professional software which quickly repair damaged . Feb 14 2011 From another application that I 39 ve been using for 15 years the export to XML or print to Excel option stopped working and when I went to change the file association it wouldn 39 t allow me to select MS Excel or MS Office Excel. When i opened excel Smartview is displayed on the top but Essbase is not displayed. In the search box type excel. Select the Excel File option and then click the Next button. Macros will not run if the Excel security setting is set to High. 4MB. Other techniques e. I can open the workbook okay but every time I make any change to one of the cells I have a lot of code that is triggered by the worksheet_change event based on the cell that was changed it will not respond. And this is it hope you are now able to open Excel XLSM file in Excel 2013. exe Process using Task Manager. Well it s fine if you have saved your workbook but if not then it s almost like the world is going to end kind of feeling. For doing this go to the Control panel and choose Programs and Features. Roll back to an over version of the DLL file and Analyse in Excel is fine. Repair Office You can also repair Microsoft Office to fix the Excel not responding error. XLSB Hal ini untuk mengecek apakah sumber Has Stopped Working Office Word dari Add Ins atau bukan. blogspot. Aug 6 2017 1 Can anyone help me on this file. Reduce Excel File Size. Kaelin has been writing and editing stories about the IT industry gadgets finance accounting and Jul 28 2013 PDF and Excel have the slowest performance. If the DDE is primarily for output you might investigate if you can get the desired results with an ODS EXCEL destination though cell addressing may be difficult. Second you put extra effort and fix all the formulas. Symptom When you try to execute BEx Analyzer you the buttons does not respond. This occurs even if I am running a macro that copies and paste it will still lag to the point that the macro becomes useless. Excel will not let me copy and paste a formula and will only paste the value into to workbook. When the open dialogue box appears select the file you wish to recover and press open. Make sure you also click on the option quot change settings for all users quot tab at the bottom of the same screen and look for similar check boxes in the window. Start removing the add ins one by one to know which add in was faulty. Could be wonky permissions. 0 TLS1. file excel not responding terus